Kitchen bacteria…most people don’t want to talk about it, but no matter how clean your kitchen is, some of these may surprise you! The kitchen is one of the many places we frequent that we want to make sure is clean, REALLY clean. And unluckily for us, it’s one of the two rooms in our homes where the most bacteria can be found. (Not surprisingly, the bathroom is the other room.) But it makes sense — a lot of activity happens in the kitchen.

Not only is the kitchen one of the most popular places to gather, but raw foods (including meat) and dirty plates are handled on a regular basis. But it’s important to keep it clean; bacteria can make you and your family sick. There are some spots that we always wipe down, and then others that we might not even know are important to disinfect. Take a look below at 6 places that are harboring the most bacteria in your kitchen.

Here’s some tips on How To Avoid Cross Contamination


Kitchen Drain
The only thing in your home that houses more germs than the kitchen drain is your bathroom toilet. And this is problematic since the kitchen drain is in close contact with many other kitchen items. A quick way to clean your kitchen drain is to pour a little baking soda in it with warm water running.


Wash Cloth/Sponge
You may think you’re cleaning your plates and cups when in fact you could just be spreading bacteria all over them. A sponge or wash cloth can house 134,630 bacteria/square inch, so you may want to keep it clean. You can either zap the sponge in the microwave for a minute, run it in the dishwasher.


 Kitchen Faucet
When you need to wash your hands while making dinner, you have to use the faucet handle (with your dirty hands). The faucet handle essentially sees many hands before they’ve been washed, so don’t forget to wipe it down.




Dish Towel
A study on found that “7 percent of kitchen towels were contaminated with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the difficult-to-treat staph bacteria that can cause life-threatening skin infections.” The best way to avoid MRSA is to wash them once to twice a week, and allow them to completely air dry.



Microwave Buttons
When is the last time you wiped down your microwave buttons? For many of us, that answer would be close to never. But think about how many times dirty fingers are in contact those buttons. Next time you clean the inside of your microwave (which we sure hope you do), be sure to get the outside too.

Salt & Pepper Shaker
In a recent study conducted by the University of Virginia, “researchers asked 30 adults who were beginning to show signs of a cold, to name 10 places they’d touched in their homes over the previous 18 hours. The researchers then tested those areas for cold viruses. The tests found viruses on 41 percent of the surfaces tested, and every one of the salt and pepper shakers tested were positive for cold viruses.” To solve this, just remember to wipe down your shakers when you wipe down your kitchen table.

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