It is with a humble and grateful heart that we announce that Burgin Construction Inc. has been selected as 1 of only 20 firms in the nation to receive the prestigious honor of the “Built Clean Award” for Outstanding Customer Service.

Since 1989 we have been proudly serving Orange County residents but without you, our customers, team and community, our small family owned and operated business could not have achieved such an honor.

The inaugural awards honor contractors who go above and beyond to make their clients’ remodeling experience safe, clean and organized. These issues are vitally important to homeowners because 90 percent of them will stay in their homes throughout projects that can last several months.

The Built Clean Awards are presented to contractors for following customer-first best practices including:

  • Setting up accurate and reasonable timelines for projects
  • Addressing temporary living situations during the remodel
  • Working out a reasonable schedule with the homeowner
  • Being proactive about logistical issues
  • Providing an advanced dust control plan

“Burgin Construction is one of the best of the best because of its continued focus on an excellent homeowner experience,” said Brian Paich, Business Development Manager for ITW BuildClean, which issued the awards. “They have shown a pattern of going above and beyond for their customers.”

For example, indoor air quality has become a major issue for homeowners, as 85 percent of them say it is the most serious inconvenience of remodeling. Homes being remodeled have 5 to 8 times more dust particles in the air than others, which can cause serious health issues for homeowners and pets if the dust is not effectively controlled, according to a report commissioned by ITW BuildClean in 2017. If the airborne dust particle amount in a house on a normal day is like a light drizzle, then the daily dust bomb from a remodeling project is a torrential rainstorm.

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About BuildClean™:
BuildClean™ specializes in dust control solutions for residential remodeling contractors. The BuildClean™ Dust Control System provides continuous and highly effective air filtration and captures many types of dust generated during remodeling projects, including cement, insulation, silica, lead, wood and drywall dust. BuildClean, which is a unit of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., is based in Glenview, Ill. For more product and service information, visit

If you have been wary of completing a home remodeling project because of construction dust, contact us now to discuss how we use the BuildClean system that keeps your home livable and breathable during renovations.