The Burgin Construction Inc. team is proud to announce that Rhonda Burgin has been chosen for Professional Remodeler’s 40 under 40 for the class of 2015!

You can check out the article on page 37 of the July 2015 edition of Professional Remodeler Magazine or view the digital edition here.

As a team, we are honored to be working with Brad and Rhonda Burgin, two of Professional Remodelers leaders chosen for the 40 under 40 designation. You can check out Brad’s class of 2012 acknowledgement here.

Why did we nominate Rhonda Burgin for this distinction? Below, we are sharing one official nomination (of many) from our team:

How has this nominee demonstrated leadership skills and personal integrity?
Since 1989, Rhonda Burgin has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and personal integrity in all facets of Burgin Construction Inc. business.

Rhonda is a strong leader who consistently demonstrates a unique ability to guide and inspire others, which in turn contributes to the effective and efficient functioning of Burgin Construction Inc.

She inspires and encourages personal and professional development in others. Rhonda builds strong relationships with employees, tradesmen, vendors and customers which supports a high level of trust and credibility in Burgin Construction Inc.

Rhonda always maintains a positive, “can-do” attitude and adapts readily to new situations. I have seen firsthand how she mentors and cultivates employees, subcontractors, vendors and the like, creating a culture of respect that fosters an atmosphere conducive to achievement and excellence.

Rhonda continues to effectively persuade others using acute organizational awareness while contributing to the overall success of all initiatives that benefits Burgin Construction Inc. while placing emphasis on collaboration within all parties.

Why should this nominee be selected as one of the 40 Under 40?
I wholeheartedly believe that Rhonda Burgin should be selected for 40 under 40 by Professional Remodeler because she has been an exceptional leader since 1989.

Rhonda works effectively with others to produce positive results, approaching her work by soliciting diverse views when dealing with challenges; she establishes effective partnerships across multiple levels of the organization; works hard to build consensus in decision-making, sharing her expansive knowledge to contribute to Burgin Construction Inc.’s continued success. Overall, she increases the success of all teams through process of cooperative problem-solving.

She is deeply committed and consistently demonstrates a dedication and integrity to her work, which in turn contributes to the vibrancy and health of Burgin Construction Inc. overall.

These qualities manifest themselves time and again. Rhonda demonstrates an intense commitment to provide excellent service to customers, workers, and the community at large by sharing her enthusiasm for the company with others; and is known in the construction community as a reliable go-to person, willing to assist or motivate others continually since 1989.

Rhonda Burgin is also an innovator who shows outstanding creativity when confronted with challenges, issues or a need or desire for improvement. She approaches her work by actively seeking out ways to advance beyond the typical construction company and proactively identifies new or creative ways to improve upon processes and service delivery. She always implements change in a positive manner, striving to ensure success.

Rhonda makes sure that learning is integrated with work, and uses her knowledge gleaned to improve Burgin Construction Inc. business results by converting information, business data and processes into opportunities.
She works under the assumption that everything is subject to re-examination and immediately acts upon opportunities to implement positive change.

All in all, Rhonda Burgin is the epitome of an excellent leader, perfectly melding leadership, mentoring, collaboration, commitment, learning, and innovation with high moral standards and personal integrity.

Congratulations Rhonda Burgin, Way to go!