Or at least you like our blog, and that’s good enough for us! You may or may not know that for the last few years we have been nominated for and placed in the top 3 for the Best Construction Blog. This year, we were once again nominated and are honored to take first place!

While we are always proud of our work on the jobsite, this honor is very special to me. I love using this blog and our Social Media profiles to share, inform and engage with our customers, trade partners and colleagues each and every week. I love the connection it allows me to have with our readers and the feeling that what we are sharing here actually helps, and sometimes even entertains, someone.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us and all those involved with the judging. And, of course we want to thank Mark Buckshon for hosting this competition on his Construction Marketing Ideas site each year. Watch for our upcoming interview with Mark in the near future, we’ll be posting and sharing links for it once it is available.

For now, here is an excerpt from the announcement on the Construction Marketing Ideas website and a link to read more. Enjoy!

This year’s Best Construction Blog competition had a tight race for ‘popular vote’ between Construction Digital and Burgin Construction Inc., but Burgin emerges as the winner through our independent judges’ evaluation and, as well, my own assessment of the vote.

Rhonda Burgin has effectively combined her blog with a solid and dynamic social media presence.  This results in an effective and sizeable community support initiative.  When she went out for the votes, they arrived from a diversity of readers…


Burgin Construction Wins Best Blog Competition